All-Clad HA1 vs B1: Differences and Similarities

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All-Clad Cookware is among the most popular cookware sets sold along with Calphalon and Cuisinart. Popular for its non-stick surfaces and affordable cookware sets, All-Clad cookware models are highly sought after and two of which, in particular, are a crowd favorite: the HA1 and B1 models.

B1 models are no longer sold online but can only be found in stores while the HA1 are readily available everywhere. Though at first glance, they seem very similar, a few design features especially on the handle and the rim of the pots and pans are what sets them apart. Let’s have a complete look into both All-Clad models and see the difference between the two.

All-Clad HA1 vs B1

All-Clad has rolled out two of its most popular cookware sets that are practically being sold out in stores. These cookware sets are lightweight and very easy to handle. They are perfect for novice cooks as well as home cooks who love spending time in their kitchen because simply they are sturdy and more affordable.

What is the difference between All-Clad HA1 and B1?

At first glance, the B1 and HA1 models seem very similar. They both have the same nonstick layer and both have practically the same sizes of pots and pans. However, the differences between the two models are slight design features. Even with small changes in the attributes of these models, the upgrades made on the design affect the way you cook with them.

All-Clad B1 pots and pans were manufactured before 2013 while the HA1 models rolled out after the PFOA ban. The All-Clad B1 models instantly became popular, however with many home cooks commenting about issues with obstructive handles, messy cooking and poor handling, a more updated and renewed design was created, and that’s the HA1 cookware set.

  • Handles

The cooking handles of the pans are vital for control over the pan and easy movement as you cook. Both the HA1 and the B1 have long thin handles. The double rivets offer a strong grip of your pots and pans offering better control. The handles don’t have any silicone or anti-heat grips making them heat up faster.

The B1 handle is curved and low where it’s practically the same height as the rim of the cookware. It stretches out across giving you better means to handle your pots and pans. On the downside, it becomes obstructive because of its length. The handle extends far out making it harder for you to cook with two different cookware on your double burner stove.

To solve this problem, they applied the changes to the HA1 model. All-Clad retained the long handle but redesigned it with a thicker build for a more ergonomic design. They also raised the handle so that it won’t be a hindrance and won’t consume much space when you’re cooking on your stove. 

  • Pan depth and shape

At a glance, you may not notice the difference between the pans of All-Clad HA1 and B1 cookware sets, but rims of the pots and pans are what makes the cooking more efficient. The B1 set has a flared rim. With the rim widening to a curved tip, food doesn’t easily flow out. Instead, pouring food from the pot or pan results in spillage. The flared rim causes soups or sauces to spread out and flow out.

The HA1 cookware has a steep rim. This allows you to pour food out of the nonstick pan in a smooth flow without causing any food to spill. This makes a neater way of transferring food off the pan. This is also much easier when it comes to sliding food into and out of your pan.

The B1 cookware is relatively shallower than the HA1. With a shallower pan, it makes frying a messier with oil splattering throughout your kitchen wall. This can be a nightmare especially if you’re only lightly frying your food. The HA1’s deeper sloping pan prevents that from happening giving you less mess to clean up.

  • Stovetop Cooking

Though they come from the same type of cookware, the B1 and HA1 have differences on what type of stove you can cook them in. Both models are compatible with induction stoves, electric and gas stoves (see more about the best cookware for gas stoves). However, Halogen stoves can only accommodate B1 cookware. The HA1 cookware set, on the other hand, is compatible with a ceramic top stove. 

  • Baking compatibility

Both pans have a high heat tolerance at a maximum temperature of 500 degrees, however, only the HA1 is oven safe at such a high temperature. The B1 happens to heat up faster and with a thinner handle, the stainless steel grip heats up and poses quite a danger. The B1 cookware’s flared rim thins out as it gets to the edge and has the tendency to warp.

The HA1 has an even rim and body preventing the tendency of the cookware to deform in high temperatures. And with a thicker handle, the cookware is more heat resistant overall. Made sturdier than the B1, the HA1 is definitely safer to bake with.

  • Cookware sets

Since the B1 is a much older model, it is no longer being manufactured by All-Clad. However, you can still buy the limited stock available in stores. The B1 has three nonstick cookware sets, while the HA1 has 5 sets but are only sold depending on a cook’s needs. All HA1 cookware sets are nonstick. You can choose from a selection of bakeware, pan sets, pot sets, or a mix of all of them.

Similarities between the B1 and the HA1

  • Nonstick surface

Both HA1 and B1 use PTFE surfaces. Much like Calphalon cookware, All-Clad uses PFOA-free nonstick surfaces. However, what remains unclear is whether or not the B1 model contains PFOA at the start of its production. Since PFOA was just recently banned in 2013 in making cookware surfaces, B1 cookware sets (which was manufactured before the ban) may have possibly had PFOA on its surface. However, recent models would most likely have none of this potentially toxic chemical. 

  • Aluminum Core

All Clad’s signature core is Aluminum. In this case, for both B1 and HA1, the core is made of hard-anodized aluminum to ensure fast and even heating throughout your pot or pan.

All-Clad HA1 vs B1: Comparison Table

Here is a visualized difference between B1 and HA1 cookware sets.




Core and Base

Hard-anodized aluminum

Hard-anodized aluminum




Cooking surface

PTFE (possibly with PFOA)



Clear glass

Clear glass


Steep curving



Straight and high

Curved and in-level with rim

Dishwasher Safe



Oven Safe

Up to 500 degrees (but handle gets dangerously hot at 450 degrees)

Up to 500 degrees

Induction Stove Compatible



Halogen Compatible



Ceramic Compatible



Best for

Gas range

Induction and Gas range

HA1 is definitely more superior to B1. With it being an upgraded model of the B1, this user-friendly cookware is indeed one of the most popularly bought cookware models. 

All-Clad HA1 Cookware Reviews

All-Clad B1 cookware is no longer being manufactured by All-Clad, however, we can still find new B1 cookware sets and individual pieces in stores. HA1 cookware are more in-demand and readily available, making it easy to find various pots and pans of our choice. Here are some of the best HA1 pots and pans

All-Clad HA1 Fry Pan Cookware Set

Prime features

This pair of open fry pans have a strong build due to its strong aluminum core. Designed to offer superior frying and sauteing, you can use this frypan for light and deep frying. The set is completely warp-resistant. Since it offers great heat conductivity, it’s also ideal for baking. 


The fry pans are optimized for induction stoves. Though they work perfectly well for gas range cooking as well, these pans (compared to other brands) are perfect cookware for induction stove cooking. They heat up fast and offer amazing nonstick quality and easy cleanup.

Since they are very low maintenance, you won’t have to worry much about using abrasive steel wool to remove the gunk that got stuck on your cooking surface.


Since they are open fry pans, they do not come with any lids. The pans may be great for baking but the raised handle consumes much of the oven space.


These pans are a real treat. Whether you’re a beginner or a great home cook, this pair of fry pans are a delight to own. They offer superior frying with less mess while and after cooking. These All-clad fry pans are also light and very easy to handle.

All-Clad HA1 4-Quart Stock Pot

Prime features

This stockpot is perfect for soups and for making stock. These are great for long and slow cooking allowing you to create a variety of dishes.

The deep stockpot allows you to contain and boil long bones and larger pieces of meat and food without having to shove and force them into a single pot. The double-riveted stainless steel handles have a wide space that also allows all hand sizes to easily fit and handle food with better grip.


The stew pot can hold and secure food of up to 4 quarts. What’s great is that the strong build makes it perfect for cooking soup for long hours and maximizes the taste of your food. You’re guaranteed to get delicious and savory soups and stews with this stockpot.


The only problem with this stockpot is the stainless steel handles, in the absences of a heat resistance grip, the handle heats up with the pot making it hard to handle especially after long hours of cooking.


A 4-quart stockpot is an ideal size for many home cooks, it’s just the right size for large family gatherings and it’s not too big when you’re simply making soup for your small family.  This size is also ideal for cooking food inside the oven.

All-Clad HA1 3.5 Quart Sauce Pan

Prime features

Stews are always a great meal for families and most kitchens cannot do without a saucepan. From small soups and porridges to meaty spaghetti sauce, a saucepan is just the versatile cookware that every home cook needs.

This saucepan comes with a long raised handle that slowly heats up. The handle offers an ergonomic grip that makes it easier for you to grab hold of your pan and have better control of your cooking.


With deeper but narrower cookware, you can simmer sauces much longer. Wider saucepans promote faster evaporation making it easier for food to dry up and burn, but the shape and the depth of the All-Clad saucepans are ideal because the curving rim prevents quicker evaporation.


Although it has a longer handle, the fact that it is a full stainless steel handle, makes it heats up when you cook for too long. Also, this All-Clad saucepan is much heavier and would require you to take more care if you fill it up with food.


The Saucepan is practically everyone’s favorite cookware. It offers a better pan for deep frying food and offers a wonderful saucy mix of dishes. From frying to even making thick soup and porridges, a high-quality saucepan under 300 is surely my go-to cookware.

All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Cookware Set

Cookware Set Includes:

  • 8-inch fry pan
  • 10-inch fry pan
  • 12-inch fry pans
  • 2.5-quart saucepan with lid
  • 3.5-quart saucepan with lid
  • 4 quart sauté pan with lid
  • 4-quart soup pot with lid
  • 8-quart stockpot with lid

Prime Features

This premium nonstick cookware is the well-loved HA1 cookware set by All-Clad. All the cookware are designed for durable and long-term use, all pots and pants have a strong full-body PTFE. The entire selection has a BPA and PFOA-free coating for safer and healthier use. 

Designed to fulfill all your cooking needs from frying to making soup stock, this cookware set offers superior cooking experience even for a novice cook.


The cookware set offers a multitude of benefits from cooking various dishes for events to simple family dinners. With a complete matching cookware set, you get the inspiration to start your home cooking journey.

Without dangerous chemicals on the nonstick surface, you have a complete kitchenware that guarantees safe and healthier cooking. Since the HA1 is compatible with most stovetops, you won’t have a hard time finding cookware that will work on glass top stoves or with any cooking range no matter where you go.


On the downside, larger All-Clad cookware are much heavier mostly due to their sheer size. Other than the heavier weight, the only problem you would have to worry about when dealing with the All-Clad cookware is their handles heating up when you’re cooking for long periods or with the use of the oven.


All-Clad offers an amazing array of pots and pans. All made to satisfy whichever recipe you put your mind into, this HA1 set offers long-lasting nonstick surface and durable use even in a busy kitchen. Which makes it is one of the most suitable cookware sets for electric coil stoves.