How to Butcher A Chicken: A Guide For Beginners

how to butcher a chicken

Butchering a chicken at home doesn’t sound that great for most. We get it, not everyone wants to see the entire process of slaughtering and pruning the chicken. However, one of the biggest benefits of it is that you get to find out how to butcher a chicken in a humane way.  We are often … Read more

How To Sharpen A Serrated Knife

how to sharpen a serrated knife

A serrated knife is a dentated knife with splits in each cutting edge. With a cut made from pressure, its edge possesses a saw-like quality of going through hard objects with soft interiors. Serrated knives are multi-purpose; you can use them in the kitchen for cutting or as general utility tools. Because a serrated knife … Read more

How to Cook Black Rice in a Rice Cooker

how to cook black rice in a rice cooker

Black rice is a sub-specie of Asian rice that is generally known for its health purposes. Appearance-wise, it is deep black but when cooked, turns purple. Its external texture is mild and chewy and once eaten, it leaves a nutty aftertaste.  Compared to the brown rice that is equally recommended for those who want to … Read more

How to Clean a Coffee Maker without Vinegar

how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar

How Your Coffee Maker Can Be DangerousOne of the appliances frequently used in our kitchens is the coffee maker. Its daily use, especially for several times, render the device(s) prone to bacteria and other contaminants. Coffee grinds are the main ingredients that result in contaminations, which make the quality and taste of coffee worse. Dirty … Read more

Simple Truths on How to Use a Tea Kettle

how to use tea kettle

The Usefulness of Tea Kettles Tea kettles come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Electric tea kettles have heating coils that heat water when connected to power sources. Standard tea kettles, on the other hand, are made from the best heat conducting materials. They are made for the convenience of boiling water and making tea or coffee … Read more

3 Easy Steps on How to use a Tea Infuser

how to use a tea infuser

3 Easy Steps on How To Use a Tea InfuserWant the best tea?Learning how to use a tea infuser for the best teas is essential to achieve an exotic taste and aroma when having their tea time. Simply, it is pouring around 2 cups of boiling water into a teapot with one or two bags … Read more

Top 15 Foods to Try in France

pexels photo 1027810

Top 15 Foods To Try In FranceAs the number 1 most visited country in the world, France has a lot to offer especially regarding different food and beverages. If you would like to visit France or have visited but have not yet tried some of these great foods, then it’s a must! If you do … Read more