7 Reasons Why Is Ceramic Cookware Safe

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Cooking is an everyday activity and is almost inevitable. It actually becomes a passion to cook delicious meals and serve in aesthetically amazing utensils. But you need to be very particular and cautious when it comes to choosing the cookware that you will be using. The aforementioned is important based on the fact that a number of studies argue that utensils made up of certain metals or coated with certain chemicals release substances causing disrupted hormonal function, reproductive issues and exposes you to certain fatal diseases such as Cancer.  Therefore it’s not all about having something stunning in your kitchen to cook and serve, it is about cooking in a manner that is safer and healthier for you and your loved ones.

Today we will be talking about one of the top trending cookware "the ceramic cookware". This type of cookware adds serious values to both your collection and your kitchen. Cooking a tasty meal in beautifully designed pots and pans is every cook dream. But, is ceramic cookware safe? I will be answering this question in details so keep on reading. However, The short answer is that in whatever form they come, they are proven to be safer for use even by the Chefs and cooking experts.

Type of Ceramic Cookware and Which One Should be Preferred

Ceramic Cookware is of two types: the Solid Ceramic Cookware baked in Kiln and Ceramic Coated Cookware.

  • The Solid Ceramic Cookware

The main form of ceramic cookware is a range of those clay pots and pans that are made of clay baked in Kiln, and are shined in a particular way. The manufacturing of these utensils is very much based on the traditional pottery-making style as the key ingredients are clay and water. Once the mixture is done, it is transferred into a mold made up of stainless steel (one of the safest metal) and this produces a solid ceramic pot. These pots then go through several rounds of hardening process using a kiln. The kiln is a kind of oven used for baking purposes since long, though now modernized but still safe and traditional. It takes nearly 15-25 to get this product ready for use. This type is said to be safer as no harmful metals or chemicals are being used during manufacturing, in particular, in a scenario where companies cannot go against the government regulation of using lead or cadmium for glazing purposes. 

  • Ceramic Coated Cookware

The other range which comes under ceramic cookware is “Ceramic Coated Cookware”. The basic elements of these pots and pans are aluminum. The aluminum base is dipped into a mixture made up of synthetic ceramic material hence giving the utensil a ceramic coating. Within 2 to 5 days, the surface is dried up. For the purpose of making ceramic coated cookware safer and long lasting, the manufacturers today are using the latest technology and are experimenting in adding more layers and coatings.

Though there is a difference in both the types and the solid kiln-baked is more good in terms of safety than the coated one but as long as the coating is not scratched or cracked, you can use them safely.

Why Ceramic Cookware is Safer

ceramic pots and pans

In an ideal situation, your cooking utensils should be composed of substances that do not dissolve into your food, do not peel away easily, and can be easily cleaned and washed so that bacteria cannot be trapped in. Along with serving these purposes, It must be aesthetically good of course. One of the most popular cookware that fulfills almost all of these requisites is ceramic cookware. 

Ceramic cookware is safe to use as compared to the other cheap metals which merely gives a fancier look. This is based on several reasons and some of the most prominent are as follows!

  • You Will Get Food Which is Free from Chemicals

The Ceramic Cookware evolved as a result of the fact that a hazardous chemical coating Teflon (PFTE) was being used to make the metallic non-stick cookware. Though this is still popular cookware and many people think of it as safe to use but they neglect that only low or mild heat is good while using these utensils. If the temperature is high, the coating starts to melt and emit substances into the air which can harm the health. Once the coating starts to wear out due to frequent usage or temperature, it becomes even more dangerous. With the only ease of having these utensils being non-stick, this chemical causes bird flu-like symptoms because of inhaling toxic gases. These problems have given rise to the use of ceramic pots and pans because of its non-stick quality that’s made up of a combination of silicon and oxygen which makes it safer than Teflon.

There are a number of studies which prove that ceramic cookware is environmentally friendly. As the key ingredients are natural elements such as water and clay, these organic pieces keep the food pure. You can enjoy the actual taste of vegetables, fruits, pancakes, eggs, and sweet dishes cooked in ceramic pots. 

  • Preserving Food Nutrients

According to the nutritionists, the main purpose of eating should not be always getting the maximum taste but getting the maximum nutrients beneficial for your body and growth. Because ceramic cookware are not clay made, hence due to their non-reactive nature, they can preserve all the nutrients present in the food like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibers, giving you healthier and safer food. Even if it's merely a coating of ceramics, you are not at risk of dissolving toxic substances released from cheap metallic utensils. 

  • Tolerance for High Temperatures

Ceramic cookware can tolerate a much higher temperature and are usually crack free at high heat. They can even withstand a 2500° F without causing any damage or discharging toxic chemicals to the food. This ability makes it oven safe and can also be used on any kind of stove or kiln for heating purposes. 

  • Consumes Less Oil and Butter in Cooking

With Ceramic cookware, you no longer need to be worried about the calories due to excessive use of cooking oil, ghee, and butter. The natural nonstick quality of ceramic material helps the food not to stick with the pan and maintain the original taste of the food. It comes in handy to prevent obesity, which is the mother of all diseases. 

  • Ceramic Cookware is Safer for Acidic Food

Cheap metal pans are hazardous for cooking and storing acidic food. Foods like citrus, vinegar, and tomatoes increase the amount of metal that comes out of the cookware and mix with the food. For cooking and storing such food using cast iron is the best option but if you don’t have one, ceramics are comparatively the safer option than any other metal or plastic.

  • If You Have Kids Around

If your kids love to be around you when you are cooking, Ceramic cookware is best to use in that case. This is because these utensils diffuse heat more quickly as compared to the other metal utensils, so no harm will be affecting your children.

  • Easier to Keep Ceramic Cookware Clean and Hygiene

It is easier to clean ceramic cookware and it does not carry leftover food particles like other utensils such as plastic and metals.

Some Precautionary Measures While Using Ceramic Cookware

ceramic skillet
  • Use wooden spoons to stir the food for cooking in your ceramic frying pan. This will keep the ceramic coating safe and it will not lose its non-stick property. Also, the aluminum part would not be exposed to react with your food. It is better to change the pots that are cracked or have lost their upper surface in case they are ceramic coated.
  • Use hot water to clean your ceramic cookware with the help of cotton cloth or soft sponge so that the upper layer does not get damaged. Also, avoid using a dishwasher
  • Let the temperature of your cookware come down before washing it. Otherwise, you may crack them.
  • Although it is said that ceramic cookware can tolerate high temperature but sudden temperature changes expose them to cracking or breaking the coating.
  • Once you observe that the coating of your ceramic enameled utensils is breaking or peeling away, quit them.
  • Always look for solid kiln baked ceramic cookware that follow FDA specifications to secure a safer yet high quality cookware that could last for years.


The answer to the question Is Ceramic cookware Safe? is absolutely yes. These utensils are absolutely safe for cooking since they are free from Teflon and fulfill most of the health and safety requirements. You do not have to worry about getting a disease or harm your body as long as you have followed the instructions to use these pieces and have chosen a reputable company for purchasing your ceramic set such as greenpan cookware.