Write For Us

Are you interested in writing for us?  Desired Cuisine is a cooking, recipe and a food blog that covers everything from vegans to meat lovers.

In Desired Cuisine we constantly publish informative articles, healthy recipes, tips, guides, product reviews and so on.

We are always looking for passionate writers to contribute useful, informative and interesting articles to our audience. We accept guest posts as long they are high quality ones that match our criteria (see guideline below).

Topics we are currently interested in:

  • Healthy Recipes (all sort of recipes are accepted, whether they are vegans or meat lovers…)
  • Cooking Tips ( any tips or guides related to cooking or kitchen in general)
  • Kitchen product reviews (all sort of products related to kitchen and cooking)

Submission Guideline:

In General:

  • Must be at least 1500 words in length
  • Must be new, original and have not been published anywhere before
  • Must be 100% Unique
  • Must be high quality, something similar to our posts or even better
  • Must be well written and easy to understand
  • Must contain headlines to break the plain text on the article
  • Must provide images (either products images, recipes images or images that can support explaining your main points)
  • Articles must be written in a google doc
  • Must not contain any sort of affiliate Links

For Product Reviews articles:

  • If you are providing a list of products in one article, the maximum number allowed is 6 ( so write your article around 6 products at max)
  • Products must be available on Amazon
  • Products must be of high quality
  • Must not copy paste buyers reviews on Amazon’s product
  • Must follow the layout we are using in our blog (check our reviews posts to learn more)

For Recipes Articles:

  • Must provide images of the recipe (s) you are featuring in the article
  • (Optional) provide youtube videos about the recipe (s)
  • Must include Utensils section alongside ingredients in your recipe (s)

Submission process:

In order to submit your guest post, please follow these steps:

  • In the email title, please include [Guest Post] so it will be easier for me to filter emails
  • In your email, please provide more than one idea about the topics you can cover (for instance if you want to cover vegan recipes, list 3 or more vegan recipes ideas that you can write about)
  • Please provide a short bio about yourself and what your blog is about in the email
  • You can either submit your guest post via the Contact form, or you can email me directly here: query (at) desiredcuisine (dot) com