Can You Use All Clad Copper Core On Induction

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With more and more kitchens installing induction stoves in their kitchen, the need for compatible cookware is on the rise. As one of the most regarded creators of multi-clad cookware, its top-of-the-mill Copper Core Line takes the reins in offering our kitchens with commercial-grade cookware but how compatible is it with induction stoves?

Can you use all clad copper core on induction?

All Clad’s Copper Core Line is 100% induction ready. The exterior of the cookware uses high-grade stainless steel which is magnetic. Induction stoves only work with cookware that is crafted using magnetic or magnetized cookware.

The Copper Core Line features a specialty 5-ply cookware showcasing copper as its core. It is bonded with aluminum and stainless steel to create a robust cookware with high-performance cooking. The cladding doesn’t just make this Copper Core line compatible with an induction stove, but also with all types of cooktops.

Features of a great induction cookware

Not all induction-ready cookware works well with induction stoves though they are said to be compatible, some pots and pans have reduced cooking performance over induction heating. There are several factors that affect the way cookware behaves especially on a fickle cooktop. 

  • Flat and Wide Base

Induction heating works better with a wide flat base because it covers more surface area for the process of induction. An induction stove works by creating an electromagnetic field, when in contact with a magnetic material turning it into an active heating source. The wider the bottom of your cookware is, the faster the induction process occurs shortening the heating time of your pot or pan.

  • Quality Stainless Steel

Not all types of stainless steel are induction ready, stainless steel with a higher nickel content is not magnetic. However, better quality stainless steel uses smaller amounts of chromium and nickel content creating a nontoxic and highly magnetic material. The better the quality of the stainless steel is, the more efficient it is when using an induction cooktop.

  • Copper Core Lining

The Copper core lining on any cookware is a dream for many chefs. Of all metals used in creating great cookware, copper drastically improves heat conducting and shortens preheating time. Copper is among the most conductive metals thus rapidly transferring heat evenly throughout the cookware. When paired with an induction stove, its heating and cooking efficiency increases.

Best All-Clad Copper Core Cookware for Induction Stoves

Though all of the pots and pans in the Copper core cookware line works well on an induction stove, there are some pieces that perform exceptionally well compared to others. That’s due to several factors that turn a pot or pan into the best induction cookware.

All-Clad Copper Core Saute Pan

Cooking features:

This saute pan is a definite favorite amongst all cooks from amateurs to professionals since it advances your cooking skills up another level. Plus, it is more induction friendly due to its symmetrical features. The flat wide base and the straight edges help in the quick and even distribution of heat. It also comes with a pure stainless steel lid to match your cookware and improve its cooking efficiency by locking in moisture and heat to cook your food much faster.


This cookware takes the functions of both a frying pan and a saucepan turning it into an ideal cookware for all sorts of recipes. The wide flat cooking surface allows you to fry more portions of food at once. Since it is considerably deeper than a frying pan providing more options in cooking larger portions of food. The wider bottom allows you to create and monitor delicate sauces better especially when making relishes in big batches for family gatherings and hosting parties.

This is the perfect cookware for creating an ideal pasta dish. From crafting sauces and cooking all sorts of pasta, you won’t require the need for other cookware to prepare your favorite Italian-inspired meal.


This is one of the best all clad copper core cookware. The quick-heating ability of this saute pan reels in the multi-functionality of different types of cookware making it ideal to use on a regular basis without having to lose its efficiency even after years of cooking.

All-Clad Copper Core Stockpot

Cooking features:

Crafted with a smooth flat and wide base, this stockpot is more compatible with an induction stove because of its full cladding that promotes cooking your food from all sides, it makes it easier to prep meals especially for those with a busy schedule.


The flat edge helps in keeping a steady temperature within your cookware thus cooking your food from all sides. Many pans only have magnetic bases, though this works on an induction stove, the heating capacity of your cookware is reduced as it reaches the sides. This turns the metal base into a hotspot that requires frequent and vigorous stirring to prevent your stew from burning at the bottom of your pan.


Ideal for those who love cooking soups and stews, this is really the best stockpot you can find for your induction cooktop. The smooth base finish doesn’t scratch your glass top and the superb cooking experience it offers while also cutting your cooking time shorter makes this cookware worth buying.

All-Clad Copper Core Dutch Oven

Cooking features:

The Dutch oven is literally your go-to cookware when creating an all-around meal plan. Known for its versatility in cooking various recipes from braising meat to cooking soups, stews, and sauces; from boiling water for pasta to deep-frying chicken; and even baking bread, this stovetop oven is a kitchen must-have. Most Dutch ovens are made with ceramics or stoneware and are known to heat slowly but hold heat well. This All-Clad dutch oven fulfills both needs in offering you superb heat conductivity and retention. 


The dome-shaped cookware promotes better air circulation within the cookware making it easier for you to cook your meals. This Dutch oven lets you master complex recipes by reducing the number of cookware you’re going to use. Its multi-functionality gives you great results by turning your induction stove into your own DIY oven. 

Most Dutch ovens are not compatible with induction stoves and are harder to maintain, they require frequent maintenance like seasoning, handwashing, and delicate storage. This copper core Dutch oven doesn’t require that much maintenance but still offers the same quality performance if not better.


It’s hard to find a full-metal Dutch oven that works as well as those made using stoneware or ceramics. In fact, this is probably the only one I know that really fulfills its stovetop oven function while scrapping the constant maintenance that others require. This cookware is definitely something many home cooks, who want an unbreakable low-maintenance Dutch oven.

Bottom Line

An induction stove is a fickle cooktop but the All-Clad Copper Core pots and pans match all the features needed to maximize the benefits of your induction stove. Unlike other induction cookware, this copper line offers the best cooking experience by far. All-Clad really does deliver when it comes to high performance cooking no matter what type of cooktop indoor or outdoor you’re going to use.