Welcome to Desired Cuisine

About Me

Hello! My name is EL Mehdi. I was born and raised in Marrakech, Morocco. Being born in my country has its certain ups and downs. I was born with asthma and allergies and that made life a little hard. During my growing years, I have been a bit skinny and so I began to love eating varieties of food. Thankfully I have no allergies with food and so I love going around and trying them out. Morocco is a country rich in different ingredients, herbs and spices which allow me to be able to try different types of recipes.

Why Desired Cuisine?

I made Desired Cuisine in order to help people all over the world get the best out of their money in buying some of the most important tools that we need for everyday use which would be our kitchen utensils, accessories and appliances. I also made it to help people discover different types of recipes around the world and be able to recreate them in their own homes. I have been inspired by my mom because of her amazing cooking skills (I believe moms have superpowers) and I wanted to have that same set of skills.

Our culture is a mixture of Arabic and modern traditions as it is a tourist destination. Growing up here made me notice a lot of things especially on the internet. I noticed that due to influx of information through the web it is hard for consumers to get the right information. They have to not just filter but also scrutinize details. I decided to make a website that helps people get past all that. I have been a victim of false advertisement and faulty products that do not even compensate for my money’s worth. I want to help people avoid that grueling experience.

What I want to Accomplish

Desired Cuisine is focused on featuring products that are of quality and are consumer-friendly and reliable. It also focuses on providing different types of recipes that are not discriminative and would include meals for both vegans and non-vegans. It also has some how-to sections for self help and DIY ideas regarding kitchen know-how and cooking know-how.

Global Recipes Journey

When I started this website, I only had one goal and that is to help people discover things with me and it has not changed. Join me in my journey to learn recipes of happiness because I am very willing to share them with you. So far it has been both difficult and fruitful but very fulfilling. I have gathered some of the most famous recipes around the world and it is still an ongoing project of mine. Be one of the first to see Desired Cuisine’s global recipes collection.