All Clad Copper Core Review: Is It Worth It?

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All-Clad is a master in crafting fully multi clad cookware. Copper is a delight in the kitchen, it is quick heating and also lightweight making it the perfect material to use in crafting cookware. Pots and pans made with a copper core are considered to be the highest kitchenware available in the market. Making it one of the most sought-after types of cookware for chefs and professional cooks.

What are the benefits of using copper in cookware?

Copper heats fast, reaches high temperatures and promotes even heating. Unlike other metals, copper is easy to form into different shapes and is also a versatile material that offers tons of benefits when added to the make of cookware. 

  • Powerful heat and electric conductor

The most common materials used in cooking hundreds of years ago are copper and iron. Its initial purposes were used as an industrial material however, seeing its ability to conduct heat faster and more evenly than aluminum, copper is now being incorporated in the creation of cookware. 

Copper is widely used in making cable wires because it transfers electricity really well and really fast because of this, it is compatible with all cooking ranges including induction stoves. 

  • High heat tolerance

Copper has a high melting point hence it allows your cookware to withstand high heat intensity. Using a copper layer on your cookware provides you with great cookware that you can use for baking, broiling, and even cooking in open pit fires.

  • Lightweight

With only a thin layer of copper, it can easily conduct heat very well making your cookware lighter and thinner. Copper is very light as well compared to stainless steel and cast iron. Copper core cookware is considerably lighter than other cookware giving you better control. 

  • No toxic fumes

One of the main concerns of using nonstick pans is that it produces dangerous fumes that may harm our overall health. Copper does not release harmful elements into our surroundings unlike most synthetic nonstick surfaces that oftentimes cause ‘Teflon flu’.

  • Even heating

Copper heats fast but distributes its heat well. You’re guaranteed to have equal heating throughout your pans reducing cold or hotspots that can really mess up your cooking. 

Disadvantages of using copper cookware

Copper may sound like an ideal material used in making cookware but there are downfalls that we need to consider. 

  • Copper is reactive

Copper is a pure metal that is highly reactive when it touches acid. It leaches into our food and causes our food to react giving you a darkened or brown color. This reaction can change the taste, the texture, and even the health benefits you may get from the food you’ve just cooked.

  • Tendency to warp

One of Copper’s most loved properties is its ductility or ability to be formed to thin wires. It’s very easy to form and bend. When reaching high temperatures, copper becomes soft and easy to warp. This then makes it prone to warping, getting dents, or deforming.

Is copper cookware safe?

Copper, as a cooking surface, is not recommended because it reacts with the food we are cooking. It is highly reactive with acidic foods like vinegar, tomatoes, citrus juices, and even milk. Much like other minerals, our bodies need a regulated amount of copper to boost our immunity. 

However, excessive amounts will accumulate in our body causing possible health problems in the future. Regardless, there isn't enough research to determine if a cookware lined with copper is truly safe or not. However, I recommend that you avoid a copper interior lining and opt for a copper core cookware instead.

All-Clad Copper Cookware Review: Deets that you should know about

All-Clad is one of the most recognized cookware brands in the market that effectively makes use of copper. Their multi-layered pots and pans are the epitome of 3-ply and 5-ply cookware construction and this includes the use of a copper core.

All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set

Copper Core Sets:

There are three sets of cookware sets showcased by All-Clad: 

7-piece set

  • 10 inches fry pan
  • 2 quarts saucepan with lid
  • 3 quarts sauté pan with lid
  • 8 quarts stockpot with lid

10-piece set

  • 7-piece cookware set
  • 8 inches fry pan
  • 3 quarts saucepan with lid

14-piece set

  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches fry pan
  • 2 quarts saucepan with lid
  • 3 quarts saucepan with lid
  • 3 quarts sauté pan with lid
  • 6 quarts sauté pan with lid
  • 12 inches chef’s pan with lid
  • 8 quarts stockpot  with lid

Full Cladding

Unlike many cookware brands that use a multi-layered metal base, All-Clad has perfected the art of creating pots and pans using cladded metal. Cladding is a process that bonds different types of metal together creating a robust single sheet of metal crafted into a pot or pan. Through this, All-Clad has rolled out one of the most durable copper core cookware available in the market maximizing the benefits of stainless steel, aluminum, and copper in a single kitchenware.


The copper collection features a copper central layer sandwiched between aluminum plies and finally layered with a stainless steel exterior. This 5-ply construction makes each pot or pan incredibly durable. Even with a soft metal core, the aluminum and stainless steel reinforces the pan creating formidable cookware that can withstand the demands of an intensely busy kitchen.

Pure stainless steel handles

Sporting long thin handles shaped with thumb grooves, the handles for All Clad’s copper core collection are slow heating. The raised design feature prevents much of the heat from the pan to reach the handles. The groove gives us a better grip on the cookware improving control and ease of transport.

100% nontoxic interior

The copper core cookware set offers a smooth polished interior giving you a seemingly natural nonstick surface. The stainless steel is non-reactive and nontoxic, promising to cook your food without adding any harmful chemicals to your food.

It also offers a durable surface that doesn’t easily get scratched and if it does, it’s still a healthy cookware to use. You also won’t have to bear or suffer any chipping or particles mixed into your food.

Stylish Modern Design

Featuring a slick modern design, this set showcases a beautiful silver polish giving you a simplistic yet elegant aesthetics. Each pot or pan has a subtle copper line by the base of the cookware giving you a touch of copper aesthetics on the exterior of your pots and pans.


this cookware set offers everything you need from cookware that are designed for electric coil stoves. Though a little more costly, it is an investment that leads to practically a lifetime of quality cooking performance giving you the perks of a professional cookware set in a home kitchen.

Highly rated All Clad Copper Core Cookware

All-Clad only has a single cookware set giving your three variations depending on the number of pots or pans available. Here are some of the most loved pieces of All-Clad Copper Core cookware.

All-Clad Copper Core Fry Pan

Cooking performance:

This is by far the most sought for copper cookware from All-Clad, the frying pan is essential and is probably the most used cookware in the kitchen. Despite the constant daily and almost hourly use, this pan can handle it all. From sudden heating to quick drops in temperatures, this pan never fails to deliver. 

What I love about this is that no matter what type of utensil you use, the cookware retains its beautiful polish. It takes about 3 years of heavy use before the surface starts to dull and about 5-7 years of just normal home cooking for it to start getting dull. But a bit of seasoning or a repolish will breathe life back to the luster of the pan. In addition, cleaning is really an easy task. The smooth exterior quickly releases birt, grime, and even soot from an open flame. 


This 12-inch pan is an ideal size for all types of kitchen. Wide enough for light frying and sauteing and deep enough for cooking stew or simmering sauces. What many will surely find common in using this cookware is just how easy it is to cook with. The long handles offer great balance reducing the strain on your wrists as you toss your food inside your fry pan. 


As I’ve already mentioned, this cookware will definitely be your go-to cookware indoors or outdoors. It’s a great companion for a barbecue using it as an indirect cooker while you barbecue your ribs or burgers. It’s also the perfect companion for an induction stove landing it in my top 3 best pieces of cookware for induction cooktops.


This copper core fry pan is your ideal daily partner in prepping simple to extravagant recipes on a regular basis. Durable and proven to offer you a great cooking experience for a lifetime, this fry pan is definitely a pan designed for gas stoves that's worth buying.

All-Clad Copper Core Saucepan

Cooking Performance:

This saucepan offers you the basics and beyond giving you high-performance cooking for a perfect meal every time. It features a brushed but shining polish giving you a lustrous set on display in your kitchen. It may also serve as a wonderful serving kitchenware where you can literally bring your pan from the cooktop straight to your table for everyone to enjoy.

Although it isn’t completely nonstick, it still allows low-grease cooking to cater to your low-carb diet. Though food does stick to the cookware, on occasion, it still provides a great cooking experience since it helps you cook your food in less time.


The set is much lighter compared to other 5-ply cookware. Although I have to admit that it’s a bit heavier than other lower end cookware, the balance is superb. The large pots and pans are matched with a long handle that improves that way you handle your cookware as you cook.


This saucepan is great for making stews on top of perfecting every sauce you make. It is the perfect cookware for broiling and even works well in the oven with its lid on. It is versatile and a great companion for amateurs and professionals.


This copper core saucepan is your go-to pan for small families making simple meals designed for decades of use. It is an all-around cookware for glass top stove that can help you prep different recipes of your liking while giving you superior performance and definite ease in maintenance.

Is All-Clad Copper Core Worth It?

Definitely, this high-end set doesn’t deliver short of its promises, in fact, it even shows you just how well good cookware can complement your amazing cooking skills. And even when lacking, you can still whip up complicated recipes using the cookware.

What makes it even worth the cost is that it lasts a lifetime. Even when scratched or dented (which rarely happens) its performance is not compromised. Unlike buying multiple sets of cookware after the nonstick surface has chipped off, this copper core collection maintains its superior cooking performance.

Unlike many copper cookware, All-Clad incorporates the use of a copper core. Many other cookware brands use copper as the base or exterior of the pan to improve the speed of preheating. Unfortunately, copper does not hold on to heat well.

Copper, as an exterior material, is prone to warping and easily cools down forcing you to heat and reheat the cookware continuously. 

In addition to a central copper lining, it also uses a supporting aluminum layer to provide extra strength. The aluminum improves heat retention and also acts as an additional conductor giving your cookware stability in cooking your food while preventing cold and hotspots.

D5 Stainless Steel vs Copper Core Cookware: Which one is better?

Copper core offers better overall performance than the D5 cookware but when it comes to cost, the D5 Stainless Steel set is more cost-efficient. All-clad offers two collections of 5-ply cookware, the D5 and the Copper Core but depending on the cook, either one may outperform the other.

Similarities between D5 and Copper Core Cookware

The two lines of cookware by All-Clad are more alike than you think. They both offer a superb cooking experience for all types of cooks, especially for chefs. These cookware sets are designed for a high-end performance that will last for decades.

  • Performance. Both sets do not shy away from a professional great cookware. Providing all types of cooks with fast-heating and stability, these are definitely suitable for professionals to feature in their homes.
  • Versatility. Both lines can handle heat as high as 600 degrees. They both work well in the oven, over open pit fire, and even for broiling.
  • Design. The overall look of both pans are the same. They showcase the same type of handles as well as the shape and sizes of the pots and pans.

Differences between D5 and Copper Core Cookware

As similar as both may be, they still have notable differences that you should take into consideration.

  • Cooking quality. The copper core line still outperforms the D5 mainly because it is lighter and offers better control. It also heats faster and retains heat better than the D5.
  • Cost. Just note that the All-Clad Copper Core line is its top range cookware which directly translates to more expense. However, the cost of ownership between the two is similar because these cookware are easy to repair, and they last for a really long time.
  • Aesthetic touch. The D5 Stainless Steel line only features a full metal design while the copper core line has a touch of copper for differentiation.

See "All clad D3 vs D5" for more information and comparison between these 2 of All-Cad SteelSeries. 

The Final Verdict

I can’t say that there is other copper core cookware out there that can outperform All-Clad. Its copper core set offers the best cooking experience for amateurs and even well-known chefs in the industry. Providing you with a lifetime of great meals prepared using this set, you won’t regret buying a high-end kitchenware set for your kitchen.