GreenPan vs GreenLife Cookware: Which is Better?

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GreenPan and GreenLife are two renowned brands that belong to the same Belgium corporation The Cookware Company (TCC). They share a common goal in making healthy, safe nonstick cookware that’s free from any harmful chemicals. However, their differences surpass their similarities in terms of constructions, design, overall performance, and cost. Thus, we will break down these differences in every aspect in this thoroughly GreenPan vs GreenLife comparison to help you choose the right brand for your needs.

Introducing GreenPan Cookware

GreenPan is known as the pioneer in the making of healthy ceramic coating. It was originated years before GreenLife and quickly planted its roots in major parts of the world in mass-producing safe ceramic cookware. With over 150 patents, this brand earned its fame by using a special ceramic coating technology known as “Thermolon™” that relies solely on sand instead of plastic.

As we have seen already in the Greenpan vs Scanpan comparison, this company has been improving its nonstick coating over the years and succeeded in designing seven generations of Thermolon with multiple diamond-infused that can provide superb performance with an exceptional heat tolerance up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pros of GreenPan Cookware

  • Unique safe coating. GreenPan relies on its Thermolon technology that uses sands instead of plastic to create a completely secured nonstick coating that’s free from any harmful chemicals to enjoy healthy cooking.
  • Excellent heat conductor. The Thermolon is an excellent heat conductor that boosts the heating speed and ensures the food is cooked evenly. Hence, It is important to constantly cook on low heat settings to avoid any burning.
  • Great tolerance. The cookware produced by this brand can endure high temperatures that exceed 600 degrees Fahrenheit which is what we hardly see in the nonstick cookware category.
  • Wide compatibility. Most of the GreenPan lines offer great versatility and can be used with all types of cooktops including Induction as well as ovens.

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Cons of GreenPan Cookware

  • Glass lid not tempered for high temperature. While every cookware is crafted to handle high heat and sudden temperature changes, the glass lids can only tolerate medium-range temperature and cannot go past 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Heavy pots and pans. Ceramic-coated cookware tend to have thicker layers of sintered or glazed ceramic lining resulting in heavier pots and pans compared to other types of coating.

Introducing GreenLife Cookware

GreenLife was launched after GreenPan to offer slightly fewer advantages with a low range price.

GreenLife combines recycled aluminum with Thermolon technology to create healthy cookware that has a ceramic coating free of PFOA, PFAS, lead, and cadmium with an aluminum core that can provide quick heating.

GreenLife offers several collections that are crafted to fulfill certain needs. Each set is designed to look more aesthetic and appealing to the eye adding an extra touch to your cookware collection while giving you the option to use every piece for serving.

Pros of GreenLife Cookware

  • Inexpensive. Most GreenLife cookware sets are under $100. There are hardly big differences between the collections in terms of price. You are guaranteed to find the right set for your needs at a great price.
  • Safe coating. All of the pots and pans feature a ceramic coating that’s produced through the sand instead of plastic. The nonstick coating is free from any dangerous chemicals so you are safe to cook under any temperature degrees as long the cookware can tolerate it.
  • Complete set. GreenLife cookware sets offer many pots and pans of different sizes with extra utensils. Most of the collections have at least 13- to 16-pieces.

Cons of GreenLife Cookware

  • Lack of compatibility. While most lines are oven-safe and can work with most stovetops, there are very few sets that can work on induction cooktops.
  • Low heat tolerance. GreenLife cookware collections offer low heat tolerance around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This limitation can get in the way of baking some of your favorite recipes.

GreenPan vs GreenLife: Differences and Similarities

Greenpan vs Greenlife

GreenPan and GreenLife earned their reputation in crafting non-toxic pots and pans with safe ceramic coating for our cooking ranges and cooktops. They are direct competitors when it comes to nonstick cookware. Both brands offer a variety of collections that target all types of cooks within a reasonable budget. However, while they share many similarities, they have more differences that set them apart. Without further ado, here are the top five important distinctions between GreenLife and GreenPan.


GreenPan and GreenLife utilize Thermolon to create sand-derived surfaces to secure easy cleaning, quick heating, and even distribution. Both brands combine this technology with hard-anodized aluminum to enhance the durability of the pots and pans to the highest level possible giving you robust cookware that can handle the most demanding cooking tasks.

The only difference here is that GreenLife relies on recycling cans to obtain the aluminum needed to craft its cookware. While GreenPan expands its options by combining the construction of multilayers of stainless steel together with advanced Thermolon to produce its high-end cookware lines such as Venice Pro.

Stainless steel is recognized for its corrosion and rust resistance, versatility, amazing heat retention, and great conductivity. However, due to its poor resistance to burn stains heat discoloration is inevitable. Thus, to solve this issue, GreenPan started to use a new technology known as “Evershine” which is basically an electro-chemical treatment that creates a special protective layer to prevent heat discoloration while maintaining the shiny look of the stainless steel cookware.

Cooking Surface

Both brands follow almost the same methods and technology to create a smooth, safe coated surface that can make your cooking and cleaning enjoyable tasks. Both GreenPan and GreenLife coat their surfaces with Thermolon to offer nonstick attributes with high durability that can withstand the use of all types of utensils.

GreenPan managed to create seven generations of Thermolon by infusing diamond to ensure high resilience with an even greater heat conductivity. This improved technology allows GreenPan cookware to be used in the oven under high-temperature degrees that can get up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit giving you the flexibility you need to bake all sorts of recipes. While GreenLife cookware can only tolerate around 350 degrees which can be quite understandable considering the low price.


Both companies design stunning cookware sets with different colors, sizes, and extra utensils to provide everything an average household would require. Both brands design their pots and pans to offer high durability while maintaining lightweight allowing you to move the cookware easily around the kitchen.

In order to add compatibility to its collections, GreenPan invented a new technology known as “Magneto” to adjust the cookware to all types of electric cooktops including induction. The Magneto base allows the pots and pans to keep their shape by regulating and immediately spreading the heat throughout the cookware preventing it from heating.

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GreenLife and GreenPan craft their bakelite and stainless steel handles with a U and V-shaped cutout to reduce the heat transfer. Both handles are designed with a stay-cool feature to remain cool under high-temperature degrees.

The bakelite handles offer excellent heat protection with a comfortable soft-grip that stays cool to the touch while the ergonomic stainless steel handles are extended to a raised angle giving your hands more room to hold for better balance and easier movement around the kitchen.


Both companies offer inexpensive cookware sets with many pieces that anyone can afford. However, GreenPan crafts high-end cookware collections that can cost more than $400 to target even professional chefs while GreenLife focuses only on producing safe sets under $100 for average cooks.

For a better understanding, here are some examples of GreenPan and GreenLife cookware prices:

  1. GreenLife Soft Grip 15-piece Induction Cookware Set: $96
  2. GreenLife Soft Grip 16-piece Cookware Set: $99
  3. GreenLife Classic Pro 12-piece Cookware Set: $99
  4. GreenLife Soft Grip Pro 16-piece Cookware Set: $110
  5. GreenPan SmartShape 6-piece Cookware Set: $149
  6. GreenPan Lime 12-piece Cookware Set: $150
  7. GreenPan Hudson 8-piece Cookware Set: $150
  8. GreenPan Chatham 10-piece Cookware Set: $200
  9. GreenPan Rio 16-piece Cookware Set: $220
  10. GreenPan Paris Pro 11-piece Cookware Set: $300
  11. GreenPan SearSmart 10-piece Cookware Set: $350
  12. GreenPan Valencia Pro 10-piece Cookware Set: $350
  13. GreenPan Venice Pro 10-piece Cookware Set: $387

GreenLife vs GreenPan: Cookware Sets Comparison

Cookware Brand

Cookware Set

Cooking Surface

Core Type

Induction Compatibility

Current Price

GreenLife Soft Grip Cookware Set

GreenLife Soft Grip cookware set review




GreenLife Classic Cookware Set

GreenLife Classic Pro Cookware Set review




GreenLife Mini Cookware Set

GreenLife Mini Square Grill Pan and Mini Round Egg Pan Set review




Greenpan Lima Cookware Set

GreenPan Lima Cookware Set review




Greenpan Chatham Cookware Set

GreenPan Chatham cookware set review




Greenpan Venice Pro Cookware Set

GreenPan Venice Pro Cookware Set review

Thermolon diamond advanced

3-ply stainless steel


Greenpan Valencia Pro Cookware Set

GreenPan Valencia Pro Cookware Set review




Greenpan SearSmart Cookware Set

GreenPan SearSmart cookware set review

Thermolon diamond advanced



The Final Verdict

Both brands offer a variety of safe nonstick cookware sets that could deliver the performance you desire to perfect your cooking. there are only three decisive factors in choosing between GreenPan and GreenLife: price, heat tolerance, and the type of stove you want to use the cookware on.

If you are looking for a collection that could work on all types of cooktops including inductions and has high heat tolerance to bake any recipe, then you should go with one of GreenPan high-end cookware. Otherwise, choose one of the GreenLife lines if you are tight on budget and just want a collection that has all the essential pieces that could offer great nonstick performance to facilitate your cooking and cleaning without risking your health.