All Around Guide On How To Use a Gas Stove

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Gas stoves are often used in hotels, apartments, new houses, etc. They are preferred by the majority nowadays thanks to their quick even heating response which allow the food to be cooked faster.

Gas stoves differ from one to another which cause some people to get confused about how to use theirs. Is it a normal non-electric gas stove? Or is it equipped with an electric starter? So, I made it to a point to know how to properly use a gas stove and help you answer the questions above.

How To Manually Use The Old Gas Stoves

Most old types of gas stoves require lighter or match to light up which is easy to do once you get the required tools. Personally, I prefer these types of gas stoves since I’m used to them.


  • Step 1: Turn the knob on medium to low
  • Step 2: Use a lighter or match and bring it closer to the sides of the hole desired.
  • Step 3: After 2-3 seconds, full ignition would occur and the burner will light up
  • Step 4: turn off the lighter or put down the match used.

Tips to consider:

  • During the ignition step, if you notice it didn’t happen after 5 seconds at max, turn off the gas and check with anyone in the house that wasn’t around the gas stove if he or she smells some gas. Reason for that, we get used to the gas very quickly if we are nearby which makes it difficult for us to notice afterward.
  • Always double check that you turned off the gas after every use.
  • Clean the burners holes every once a while to maintain a good state of your gas stove

How to use modern gas stoves

If you are considering to buy a new gas stove or maybe you just bought your first. Then high chance that it’s different than the old types since it comes with a built-in electric starter. Basically, this starter job is to produce little electrical jolts to help ignite the fire.


  • Step 1: Push the knob and turn it slowly to activate the starter
  • Step 2: As you go you should be hearing “tick tick tick” sound which means the starter is working perfectly.
  • Step 3: Normally, the flame should cover the burner by now. Adjust the flame to the level desired and don’t leave it on high heat or else you’ll burn the food.
  • Step 4: To adjust the flame, you don’t need to keep pushing the knob, you can simply just turn it lower.

Tips to consider:

  • Modern gas stoves differ from one to another. Some come up with a separated igniter button. However, the procedure stays the same, you’ll just need to push the knob while turning the other button.
  • The knob can only be turned in one direction. However, some brands have it installed from right to left, while others have it the opposite way. Check first which directions yours turn to before attempt using your gas stove.
  • At your first try attempting to turn on the gas stove, the flame might burst which is normal. You’ll get the hang of it as you try it more.
  • Double Check the condition of your Knob, never leave it open to avoid any gas leak. Always turn it off after every use.

Benefits of Using Gas Stoves

Quick Response

One of the main reasons I prefer gas stoves is the quick heat response. Burners get heated fast once the flame is turned on, and it can reach to the maximum temperature in a few seconds.

Easier Control

Gas stoves offer complete control over the temperature while maintaining an even heat distribution, which makes it ideal to cook many different recipes that require different heat degrees.

Flexible with most cookware types

Most cookware types work just fine with gas stoves whether it’s a nonstick pan, stainless steel cookware, hard anodized titanium or even ceramic frying pans. However, there are some materials excel than others when it comes to gas stoves. You can read more about it in this article best pots and pans for gas stoves


Gas stoves are considered to be inexpensive comparing to electric stoves, especially maintenance. Of course, the price differs from brand to another, from type to another, some stoves have extra or enhanced features than others so it’s obvious the price will be higher but in general, gas stoves prices are very reasonable.

Easy to clean

Cleaning your gas stove will help to maintain its performance for the long use. All you need to do is wait for the gas stove to cool and then remove the burner grates and cap and start cleaning using a toothbrush with dish soap. More details on how to clean your gas stove here


I hope you found this guide on how to use a gas stove helpful. These tips and directions helped me a lot to maintain and use my gas stove and I’m sure they will help you much as well. You can always leave a comment with your questions if you need further help.

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