Scanpan Cookware Review: Is it Worth The Money?

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Scanpan is one of the best versatile brands that offer several collections which contain numerous pots and pans. Every collection is designed to have specific elements to excel in certain areas. But, does this company truly deliver what it vows to meet the expectation of every cook? In this Scanpan review, I will cover in detail what is this brand made of, the pros and cons of its cookware, its unique features, and whether or not it is worth the money.

Quick Summary



Country of origin



Squeeze cast aluminum and 5-Ply


Stainless steel / Recycled aluminum

Oven-safe temperature

Up to 500 degrees

Induction compatibility

Only HaptIQ, Pro IQ, CS+, Classic, and CTX collections

Metal utensil-safe




Handle type

Stainless steel

Lid type


Number of collections


Lifetime warranty

Yes (covers only defects)


What is Scanpan

Scandinavian Pan or “Scanpan” for short is a Danish company that started creating environmentally friendly nonstick cookware. Every pot and pan is crafted using recycled aluminum (mostly soda or beer cans) under high standards to minimize the carbon footprint for healthy, safe cooking.

This company earned the trust of its consumers with its patented system “STRATANIUM” which strengthens the nonstick layer to improve durability to an extent that it protects the surface from wear and tear while giving it the ability to withstand the use of metal utensils.

With the focus on durability, Scanpan managed recently to upgrade its technology even further “STRATANIUM+” to secure the highest robustness possible for its high-end cookware.

Pros of Scanpan Cookware

  • Eco-friendly cookware. Scanpan pots and pans are made entirely from recycled aluminum as I have mentioned above to save great amounts of waste and energy.
  • Excellent heat tolerance. All the products are oven-safe and can endure up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit which is what we normally see in the high-end category only for certain brands.
  • Safe nonstick coating. This company uses both STRATANIUM and STRATANIUM+ systems to craft easy-release surfaces that can handle the most delicate food effortlessly while ensuring long-lasting nonstick performance.
  • Robust cookware. The construction methods Scanpan uses with recycled aluminum result in durable yet non-toxic cookware that can deliver superior nonstick performance with even heat distribution to perfectly cook your desired recipes.

Cons of Scanpan Cookware

  • Short lifespan. This brand’s collections are known for their amazing resilience. However, like most nonstick cookware, Scanpan’s pans are prone to wear out. You can expect a great performance that would last for more than 5 years if properly maintained.
  • Expensive. Right below All-Clad’s cookware, Scanpan’s collections are a little bit more expensive than the average sets on the market. The lowest-priced cookware set this company offer is around $300 while the high-end ones exceed $700.
  • Separated lids. Individual pieces and sets come without glass or stainless steel lids. You have to buy them separately which would cost you between $30 and $43 depending on the size.

What Special About Scanpan

Cookware Construction

Scanpan produces robust nonstick cookware by combining its unique coating system “STRATANIUM or STRATANIUM+” with the aluminum obtained through recycling beer and soda cans.

This brand relies mainly on two different constructions to craft its cookware: squeeze cast aluminum and 5-ply stainless steel-clad.

Squeeze casting aluminum is basically a process that squeezes two dies together before adding aluminum to form metal in different shapes. The final form of aluminum becomes stronger and more durable.

The 5-ply stainless steel-clad construction is a bonding process that combines 5 layers of different metals to create outstanding cookware. This method consists of 3 main elements: a thick aluminum core that boosts the heat conductivity to secure quick even heat distribution; a layer of 304, 18/10 stainless steel to improve rust and corrosion resistance for the surface; a magnetic base that enhances the cookware compatibility to work perfectly on any heat source including induction cooktops without losing its qualities.

Lastly, Scanpan adds its final nonstick touch by applying 5 layers of coating using its STRATANIUM technology on the cookware crafted through squeeze cast aluminum, and STRATANIUM+ on the surface of pots and pans that are produced via the 5-ply stainless steel-clad method.


Scanpan prefers a beautiful, simple design that can add extra features or ameliorate the qualities of its collections. For instance, handles and lids are normally the weakest parts of cookware compared to the body when it comes to heat tolerance; however, in Scanpan’s case, both parts are designed in a way to withstand higher temperature degrees to bake a variety of recipes that require or exceed 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for the body, this brand designs steep slopes to the sides to give you more room for sliding or tossing your food easily. But, due to the 5-ply construction, some collections are heavier compared to others which can get in the way of perfectly handling the cookware for some people.

Cooking Surface

Scanpan relies on its flagship surfaces STRATANIUM and STRATANIUM+ to deliver superior nonstick performance while strengthening the durability of its pots and pans. You can expect a smooth interior that allows the use of metal utensils and dishwashers from this brand. That being said, you probably will end up most of the time cleaning your pans by hand considering how easy it is for food to come off the cookware with simple rubs.

The only downside with Scanpan’s nonstick cookware is that it will peel and wear out like any other nonstick pan. They will not last for a lifetime as the company claims despite the enhanced 5 layers of coating. But with proper use, you can expect great performance for around 5 years without deteriorating.


This brand produces different kinds of handles depending on the model and the shape of its cookware. The handles are designed primarily to improve certain features that could solve some of the common handling issues for the average person.

Based on the cookware model, Scanpan crafts either bakelite handles or long, ergonomic stainless steel handles that are connected firmly to a rivetless locking system.

In comparison with many brands, it does an excellent job in designing comfortable yet safe handles that will remain cool despite the cookware’s temperature. The only drawback in this design is that this company does not add any helper handles to support distributing the weight for the bigger-sized pots and pans.


This Danish brand offers various pots and pans that are classified into 10 different collections: Classic, Classic Induction, Professional, Pro IQ, CTX, HaptIQ, TechnIQ, CS+, ES5, and Pro S+.

Every collection contains both individual pieces and cookware sets in different sizes to make it easier for you to choose the right fit for your needs.

For the individual pieces, there is:

  • Saute Pan
  • Frying Pan
  • Saucepan
  • Saucier
  • Dutch Oven
  • Sauce Pot
  • Grill Pan
  • Wok
  • Roasting Pan
  • Chef Pan

As for the sets, there is:

  • Classic 2-Piece Grill Griddle Set
  • Classic 5-Piece Cookware Set
  • Classic 8-Piece Cookware Set
  • Classic 11-Piece Cookware Set
  • Classic 10-Piece Induction Cookware Set
  • ES5 10-Piece Cookware Set
  • Professional 10-Piece Cookware Set
  • Pro IQ 9-Piece Cookware Set
  • Pro S+ 10-Piece Cookware Set
  • TechnIQ 9-Piece Cookware Set
  • CTX 10-Piece Cookware Set
  • HaptIQ 10-Piece Cookware Set


Scanpan offers a variety of cookware under $200; however, some of its high-end sets can get up to $1000 making it one of the most expensive brands in the market. For a better understanding of the cost, here are some examples of Scanpan’s cookware prices:

  1. Classic 8-inch Fry Pan: $70
  2. Classic 8-inch Induction Fry Pan: $90
  3. Pro S+ 11-inch Fry Pan: $90
  4. ES5 12-inch Wok: $110
  5. Professional 2 QT Saucepan: $150
  6. TechnIQ 10.25-inch Bistro: $175
  7. Pro IQ 12.5-inch Wok: $230
  8. HaptIQ 5.25 QT covered Saute Pan: $250
  9. CS+ 4 QT Sauce Pan: $250
  10. CTX 3 QT Saucepan with Lid: $300
  11. Scanpan Classic 11-piece Cookware Set: $450
  12. Scanpan Professional 10-piece Cookware Set: $650
  13. Scanpan Pro IQ 9-piece Cookware Set: $700
  14. Scanpan CTX 10-piece Cookware Set: $700
  15. Scanpan HaptIQ 10-piece Cookware Set: $800
  16. Scanpan CS+ 10-piece Cookware Set: $1000

Scanpan Alternatives

Scanpan is indeed one of the best nonstick brands that produce high-quality pots and pans that can deliver promising performance. However, since it produces a variety of cookware besides nonstick; it started to compete with renowned brands that have a unique approach to creating and designing cookware.

There are three specific brands that are considered a great Scanpan alternative: Hexclad, Anolon, and GreenPan.


Starting with Hexclad. This brand produces remarkable hybrid cookware that combines the features of stainless steel, aluminum, and nonstick. Despite the fact that it offers only one collection; its pots and pans offer superior heat and nonstick performance with great durability. check this in-depth Hexclad vs Scanpan comparison to learn more information about their differences and similarities.


Anolon is recognized for its hard-anodized construction that produces reliable nonstick cookware that can easily offer professional performance while withstanding the test of time. Using its unique technologies, this brand managed to create durable nonstick surfaces for its 3-ply cookware that can ensure superior smooth quality while allowing the use of metal utensils.

Read this Anolon vs Scanpan comparison for more information about their features as well as the upsides and downsides for each brand.


GreenPan is specialized in producing safe cookware with great ceramic coating using its patented technology “Thermolon” which allows the pots and pans to tolerate up to 860 degrees Fahrenheit giving the whole cookware an exceptional endurance.

Here is a detailed comparison between GreenPan and Scanpan where I have covered the nitty-gritty of these two competitive brands

Scanpan Cookware Comparison

Scanpan Cookware

No. of Pieces

Cooking Surface

Core Type


Current Price

Scanpan Classic Cookware Set review





Scanpan Professional Cookware Set review





Scanpan CTX cookware set review



Heavy-gauge aluminum


Scanpan HaptIQ Cookware Set review



Heavy-gauge aluminum


Scanpan Frequently Asked Questions

Scanpan frequently asked questions

Where is Scanpan cookware made?

Scanpan is a Danish-based company that crafts all of its pots and pans in factories within Denmark.

Where can I buy Scanpan cookware?

You can purchase Scanpan cookware either from Amazon (like this one) or from your local stores; however, some collections can only be bought directly from their website (

Is Scanpan cookware safe?

Scanpan cookware is coated with PTFE coating that’s free from PFOA and PFOS. The nonstick coating is FDA certified while the STRATANIUM system is applied under strict standards of food safety; thus every pan is free from any harmful chemicals and safe to cook with.

How long will Scanpan last?

Scanpan claims that its pans and pots are designed to last for a lifetime; however, like any other nonstick cookware, it has a short lifespan compared to stainless steel or cast iron products. That being said, you can still expect an amazing performance from Scanpan cookware for around 5 years or even more with proper care.

Scanpan Cookware Review: Closing Thoughts

Scanpan offers environmentally friendly cookware that could work on any heat source (with exception of a few collections) while providing a superb nonstick property and an excellent heat tolerance. However, this brand is not entirely worth the money; considering the overall price of every piece compared to other nonstick brands and the fact that you will end up replacing them after a few years.

Also, if you are looking for inexpensive cookware that could last you for a lifetime then this brand is definitely not the right fit for you.