Viking Cookware Reviews: Professional Performance for Your Kitchen

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Real trusted cookware brands are hard to find. Many brands claim a ton of benefits but fall short in delivering their promises, one of these cookware manufacturers I’ve recently loved and enjoyed using is Viking Cookware. Vowing to provide professional performance for every home, how does Viking truly compare to some of our most favored cookware brands? Let’s find out.

Is Viking Cookware any good?

Viking is one of the few kitchenware manufacturers that offer multi clad cookware. Known for their versatile pots and pans, their sets and individual pieces are greatly recognized for their durability and top performance.

Viking is one of the few manufacturers that mastered the creation of multi clad cookware. The brand has constantly been looking for high grade cookware to match their high-end cooking ranges thus creating quality pans that are definitely fit for professional use. This made their cookware and bakeware lines reach its way to many upscale home kitchens making it one of the best cookware lines that offer multi-layered cookware.

Where is Viking cookware made?

Viking is purely an American-made brand. It has been producing several specialty cookware items crafted by chefs themselves. Viking cookware is inspired by chefs who are looking for durable cookware that can handle intense heat, high pressure, and constant temperature changes. 

The brand uses specialty stainless steel pans to fulfill the needs of chefs in an ever-demanding kitchen. 

What are some unique features of Viking Cookware?

Viking is one of the few multi clad cookware brands that specializes in crafting 5-ply cookware featuring fully clad cookware where the multiple layers of stainless steel and aluminum stretch throughout the entire pot or pan. This ensures the lifetime durability of each cookware while also maintaining versatility. Viking boasts prominent features that really set them apart as a cookware and bakeware brand.

  • Design

Viking offers a variety of cookware collections but sport similar design features.

Cookware body

All pots and pans feature a wide base construction that promotes easier heat conductivity due to its larger cooking surface area. All Viking cookware showcases a classic minimalistic design to focus more on the functionality of each cookware. The smooth stainless steel exterior of most of Viking’s specialty cookware has either brushed or polished finishes.


The handles are made with pure stainless steel. Unlike many multi-clad makers, Viking uses bolster type handles with an ergonomic design. The handles are shaped to accommodate different hand sizes while improving grip and control over your pans. Their pans also feature helper handles to promote better transport. Most multi-layered pots and pans are heavier and the helper handles provide an easier and safer way of handling your cookware. 


Viking gives its consumers the choice of tempered glass or stainless steel lids. Many cooks who love using the oven as an extension of their cooktop prefer using stainless steel which prevents the food from drying up. Other cooks prefer the use of tempered lids because it prevents the need to open the lid and release the trapped heat cooking the food inside.


The cookware rims are only either flat or rolled. Though this is easier to clean it can be a problem for pouring food off the pot or pan.

  • Full Multiclad Body

As I’ve mentioned, Viking features a fully clad body which means that the entire construction uses multi-layered metal. This makes heat conductivity faster, heat retention stable, and heat distribution even throughout the entire cookware.

Viking uses a solid pure aluminum core with a specialty stainless steel exterior which is specially treated to adhere to the brand’s quality standards. The unique stainless steel treatment improves strength and durability that is dent and warp resistant.

  • Cooktop Compatibility

What I love about this brand is that most of their collections are compatible with all stovetops including induction stoves with the exception of some of their sets especially with copper finished cookware lines. See "Best Cookware For Glass Top Stoves" for more information about the right cookware for these types of stovetops.

Another thing to love about this brand is its compatibility with open flame especially for all their cookware with a stainless steel exterior. The smooth finish prevents the cookware from staining.

Viking always delivers cookware that can withstand intense heat at high high tolerance reaching as hot as 600 degrees in the oven without the glass lid. The glass lid is limited to a maximum temperature of up to 400 degrees.

Pros and Cons of Using Viking Cookware

As one of the most trusted cookware brands in the market, Viking is well-known to deliver robust cookware fit for beginners and professionals. However, not every brand is perfect. Here are some of the benefits and the drawbacks of getting Viking cookware and bakeware sets.


  • Can accommodate all types of utensils including metal. Since the surface of the cookware (except for nonstick surfaces) are scratch-resistant, you can use metal utensils in cooking.
  • Incredible heat retention. This advantage makes it superior compared to other brands that also offer multi clad cookware.
  • Even and stable heat distribution. You can definitely expect this from the multiple high-quality layers of metal. Thicker metal-based cookware provides great stability for heat distribution.
  • Heavy-duty cooking. Busy kitchens often involve sudden temperature changes from cooking at high heats to sudden rinsing in cold water. This often causes pots and pans to warp but not for this brand. Sudden temperature changes do not affect the construction and shape of the cookware.


  • Individual pieces are heavy. The multiple layers of the cookware add to the weight of each pot or pan making it quite a heavy piece of equipment.
  • Most pieces are for larger servings. This can be an advantage for large families but couples or individuals who live alone may consider the sizes of the pots and pans an inconvenience.
  • Slow heating. Compared to other multi-clad brands, Viking has a slower preheating time.

Best Viking Cookware Sets Reviews

Viking Professional 5-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Prime features:

This set is the golden standard for Viking cookware showcasing 5 layers of solid stainless steel and aluminum layers. This bonded multi-clad cookware features 3 layers of aluminum forming its core and stainless steel surfaces promoting great heat conductivity and distribution.


This is definitely a professional grade cookware set making it a great collection for professional home cooks and chefs. The smooth surface lessens heavy clean up while promoting easy and low-fat cooking. The entire body is also highly compatible with all types of cooking ranges even on an open fire thus making it one of the best cookware sets for induction cooktops.

Bonus features:

The handles and the lids are additional features you will love. The long handles are designed ergonomically to provide you with a secure grip improving great control over the cookware while the stainless steel lids are not only durable but also allow you to cook at the maximum temperature set at 600 degrees.


  • Very durable collection
  • Guarantees zero hot or cold spots
  • Elegant cookware fits all types of cooks


  • Lid handles get hot


You will never go wrong with this cookware set. Designed for frequent abuse in the kitchen, this cookware is robust and definitely a great set to have in your kitchen. The 5-ply body also ensures a lifetime of great cooking experience with low maintenance allowing you to easily cook and clean your pots and pans.

Viking Culinary Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

Prime features:

This cookware set is very promising for clumsy cooks who often leave their food burning. The durable nonstick surface is not prone to cracking and chipping despite constant burning and sudden temperature changes. Viking is known for its multiple-layer cookware but this set features a triple layer of nontoxic nonstick surface.

This cookware uses a hard-anodized aluminum body with a stainless steel base. This makes the pan lighter and easier to manipulate. Despite being lighter, the durability of this cookware set is not compromised since it retains the dent and warp-resistant features of Viking standard cookware.


The stainless steel base allows you to use this cookware over all types of cooking ranges from ovens to induction stoves, this is a great cookware set for electric coil stoves and all types of consumers. This cookware set has a higher heat tolerance compared to most nonstick hard-anodized cookware sets reaching a maximum of 500 degrees.

Bonus features:

What’s unique about this cookware set is its ability to withstand scratching and scraping even with the use of metal utensils. The triple lining of nonstick layers improves cooking quality and performance as well as lessens maintenance.


  • The classy design shows low maintenance cooking
  • Metal utensil friendly


  • The raised handle has a high height clearance consuming much space inside an oven


It’s no wonder that this nonstick cookware set by Viking is a crowd favorite. It is very friendly to amateur cooks and highly adaptive to home cooks who spend most of their time in the kitchen. The durability and versatility of this set make it a sure winner for all consumers.

Viking Culinary Copper Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Prime features:

This triple-layer cookware set uses a pure aluminum core sandwiched between surgical grade stainless steel and copper-lined exterior. The copper lining provides faster heating with precise temperature control while the aluminum and stainless steel layers promote even heating throughout the cookware. 

In addition to superb heating conditions, this cookware set uses heavy gauge metals making it very durable. This allows you to cook at high temperatures of 600 degrees inside the oven without the glass lids. 


Amongst all of the Viking cookware available, this offers the best and shortest preheating time. Viking is known to heat up slowly but the copper exterior speeds the process making it ideal cookware for busy consumers who wish to make simple quick meals.

In addition, it provides ease for every cook with its tempered glass lids allowing you to cook and see how well your food is simmering inside your pot or pan.

Bonus features:

The handles are definitely bonus features since the thick handles have grooves. It allows your fingers to hug and wrap tightly around the handle promoting better control over your cookware. The long length help in preventing the heat from reaching the handles allowing it to stay cool to the touch throughout the cooking process.


  • Shortest preheating time
  • Stunning aesthetics for display and serving


  • Not compatible with induction stoves


This is a sure winner for those who wish to have beautiful cookware under 300 that heats and cooks fast. Those who love to cook but have less time to do so will surely think this set is ideal for their lifestyle. It’s great for amateur cooks to start learning the art of the kitchen.

Best Viking Pans For The Money

Viking Culinary Fry Pan

Prime features:

Viking’s specialty is creating stainless steel cookware, but this nonstick fry pan is the love child of Viking’s multi-clad stainless steel and hard-anodized nonstick cookware. It has 3-ply construction with a non-toxic nonstick interior.

The nonstick cooking surface provides a smooth finish allowing you to cook with less fat or oil. Meanwhile, the durable exterior provides a robust vessel for the nonstick surface promoting better heat distribution and retention.


The tri-ply body provides short preheating and stable heat distribution throughout the pan making it compatible with gas and induction stoves. See "Best cookware for gas stoves" for recommendations and buying guide for your gas stove.

This pan is also dishwasher safe, scratch-resistant, and highly durable. You’ll love that it is also low maintenance with easy cleaning due to its cooking surface.

Bonus features:

What sets this pan apart from most Viking cookware is its flared rim. The flared rim along with its reclined edges makes it easy to pour food over your plate with little to no mess.


  • Great control using the ergonomic handle
  • Faster preheating
  • Superb cooking experience especially for amateurs


  • Heavy cookware


This pan is a crowd favorite. Unfortunately, it’s not sold with a set but buying this individual specialty pan by Viking makes cooking a whole lot easier especially for beginners. It’s very versatile and its strong body core guarantees strong cookware that will surely last for a very long time. However, if you are on a budget read my "Best Cookware Sets Under 200" guide and reviews.

Viking Enamel Cast Iron Pan

Prime features:

Made with solid iron, this cast iron pan is a new addition to the Viking Cookware. This is an inclusion in its specialty cookware featuring its unique non-stick interior. Viking incorporated the use of a charcoal enamel coating which naturally nonstick and nontoxic. The neutral material does not react with food giving you safe cookware to add to your kitchen. Furthermore, this cast iron pan resists chips, cracks, and other forms of deformities no matter how demanding your kitchen is.


Cast iron is highly durable and very dependable, the solid iron construction provides the pan with a strong body that allows you to cook for long hours. This cast iron pan is 100% safe and even when it is scratched, you’re still guaranteed a surface that doesn’t chip and still have a safe surface to cook with.

What I do love about this fry pan is that even when the charcoal enamel surfaces wear off after heavy-duty cooking, you can still preseason this cookware and use it as normal. 

Bonus features:

This cookware has a helper handle to provide extra support during transport. The main handle is raised to reduce the intensity of the heat from reaching it. The pan also has two lips on opposite sides to make it easier to pour food off the pan.


  • Perfect for making soups and stews
  • Superb heating quality
  • Even heating and smooth nonstick surface for cast iron


  • Heavy
  • Nonstick surface still requires oil for frying


This Viking pan is one of my favorite cast iron cookware out of the many selections in the market mainly because of its charcoal enamel surface. This surface offers superb nonstick qualities which is better than other pre-seasoned cast iron pans. It has amazing heat retention making it great budget cookware to add to your collection.

The Verdict 

Viking is a brand that never fails to deliver high quality cookware designed for both amateurs and professionals. Their specialty is crafting durable fully multiclad pots and pans for lifetime use. They are constantly rolling out stunning pieces of cookware that will surely offer the professional performance every kitchen deserves.