Demeyere vs All-Clad: Battle of the Best Multiclad Cookware

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Every home cook is always in the search for an ideal cookware that offers long years of quality cooking performance. Multiclad cookware caters to these needs providing your kitchen with cookware that rapidly responses to heat, adjusts to cooking needs while offering comfort. As the leading creators of high-end multiclad cookware, Demeyere and All-Clad have become household names for top-of-the-mill professional kitchenware for home use.

Being the best options for multiple-ply pots and pans, I made this comparison guide between Demeyere and All-Clad to help you understand which cookware offers the best solution to your cooking needs.

What is Multi clad cookware?

Multiclad cookware refers to pots and pans made with layers of metal that are cladded or bonded together. It commonly uses layers of aluminum or copper sandwiched between two stainless steel sheets to create a stronger and more high-performance cookware.

6 Benefits of using multi clad cookware

Multiclad cookware is definitely raising the standard modern cookware making them a staple in a professional home cook or chef’s kitchen. The main advantage of a multi-ply cookware is its durability and heat conduction but it also has a multitude of other benefits.

  • Durability

The use of different metals don’t just create formidable cookware but it also maximizes the individual properties of each metal. Bonded together to form cookware that provide your kitchen with decades or even generations of regular use.

  • Handling 

The bonded layers create a thick yet well-balanced cookware. This makes it easy for cooks, even amateurs, to handle single cookware with ease.

  • Superior heating

The central layer of a multi clad cookware usually uses a quick-conducting metal. This ensures superior heat conduction that makes food cook rapidly and uniformly throughout the cookware. 

  • Nontoxic cooking surface

The outer layers of a multi clad cookware promote a safe and nontoxic cooking exterior ensuring the preservation of your food’s nutrients. Usually, the exterior uses stainless steel which is somewhat naturally nonstick and creates a scratch and warp resistant surface. It is also dishwasher-safe giving you an easier post-cooking cleanup. See "Best Non Toxic Cookware" for more information about the safest yet healthier alternatives cookware to use.

  • Even and Stable Heating

The central layer is all about providing your cookware with an even and stable heating. Aluminum and copper are known conductors and are great at distributing heat evenly throughout however, the downside is that they both do not sustain heat for a long time. This means that they easily cool down after being taken off the heat source. To prevent this from happening, the stainless steel exterior helps trap the heat within the cookware promoting heat retention and improving its cooking efficiency.

  • Multifunctionality

Many chefs love multi clad cookware because they work well on all types of cooking ranges. They’re great for intense heat and sudden temperature changes. From broiling, oven cooking, to flash freezing, they can handle the most intense demands of a busy kitchen.

Full Clad vs Multiclad cookware: what’s the difference?

All full clad cookware are multiclad but not all multiclad cookware are fully-cladded. Simply put, full clad cookware means that multiple layers of bonded metal forms the entire pot or pan from its center to its rim. While multiclad cookware refers to the multiple layers of metal used to create a pot or pan but it can also pertain to just the cooking base.

Demeyere vs All Clad Cookware

Demeyere is the cookware line for Zwilling. Known for their high-end kitchenware, Zwilling has been producing multi clad stainless cookware under the Demeyere label since 1967. All-Clad cookware, on the other hand, is more popular in the United States than Demeyere. It’s well-known for its crafty use of different types of metal to create strong multi-layered cookware.

Multiclad Features

  • Use of bonded metals

Demeyere fabricated cookware using a mix of solid aluminum and stainless steel. However, the trademark for the Demeyere cladding is the use of multiple layers of aluminum as its central layer bonded with a stainless steel exterior. 

All-Clad, in contrast, is a master in creating bonded metal using stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. The brand’s signature construction is alternating stainless steel and aluminum to create more durable cookware.

Both Demeyere and All Clad’s formulas proved to increase the efficiency of the cookware thus improving thermal conductivity by up to 30% compared to normal stainless steel cookware. The pots and pans are fully cladded thus ensuring a strong foundation which improves its longevity.

  • Number of layers

What’s unique about the Demeyere brand is that all the cookware, from nonstick to stainless steel, use at least a 5-ply construction. This improves durability and doubles the cookware’s ability to provide an ideal cooking surface. 

The brand’s high-end cookware features the use of 7-layers of stainless steel and aluminum. Though a bit heavier, the cookware ensures that it can handle the demands of a busy professional kitchen. 

All-Clad, in comparison, also features a 3-ply and 5-ply cookware. It used to have a 7-layer cookware line but was later discontinued. Instead, they rolled out the use of a copper core 5-ply construction thus improving its efficiency without adding more layers to their cookware making it heavier and harder to handle. See my full in-depth all clad copper core review for more pros & cons to determine whether or not it will suits your needs.

  • Cladding

The main difference in the multi-ply construction of both brands is that All-Clad features fully-clad cookware for all its pieces while Demeyere only offers this feature on its shallow and tapered cookware like its fry pans and saute pans. The rest of the cookware with vertical sides only uses a cladded base. This is because most saucepans and stock pots cook liquids that would naturally circulate as it distributes heat. This would also reduce the weight and improve stability in the cookware. 


  • Handle attachment

The handles of the Demeyer cookware are considerably shorter to lessen the space the cookware consumes in the kitchen. What’s notable is that all the handles do not rely on a riveted attachment to the cookware, instead, it is welded into the cookware to reduce the need for rivets. 

Rivets have the tendency to warp and slowly start getting loose in the long run. To prevent this from happening, the handles are fabricated along with the cookware improving its efficiency. The interior does not have obstructive rivets poking out into the cookware which then prevents food particles from entering the bolt or rivets.

All-Clad uses a more traditional handle attachment featuring two rounded rivets. The stainless steel attachment though protrudes reduces the faster transfer of heat to the handles.

  • Handle length

The handles are essential parts of your cookware. They are the focal point of the control and balance of your cookware. Demeyere features shorter handles mainly to reduce storage space while All-Clad focuses more on cooking efficiency thus creating long handles.

Both brands showcase raised handles to improve grip and slow down the heat from quickly moving to the handles. 

  • Handle size

Both brands showcase bolster type handles for their pots. The thicker handles provide better handling because it accommodates different hand sizes better. However, All-Clad is using a thin long handle with thumb grooves for better grip and comfort for the cook. 

Cooking Surface

Stainless steel is not a perfect nonstick cooking surface. Though it is smooth and provides a strong and scratch-resistant surface, it still needs frequent care to retain its nonstick property. All-Clad features a brushed stainless steel cooking surface reducing the need for dangerous chemicals for an extra coating that may leach into the food.

Demeyere uses a Silvinox coating which is a special method that uses an electrochemical treatment used on metal surfaces. This treats the surface by eliminating impurities while enriching its surface to improve its nonstick qualities to make it easier to clean. The Silvinox treatment also gives better tolerance to fingerprints, rough detergents, or strong acidic foods.

All-Clad vs Demeyere: Summarized Comparison

All-Clad and Demeyere are the most popular high-end multi clad manufacturers in the market. Here’s a simpler comparison of both.







Number of layers (ply)

5-ply and 7-ply

3-ply and 5-ply

Sets or Collection



Bonded layers

Up to 7 layers

Up to 5 layers

Types of cladded cookware

Fully cladded (except for some that have a bonded base)

Fully cladded

Cooking surface

Silvinox Coating

Stainless Steel brushed polish

Central layer

Aluminum, Copper, Silver

Aluminum, Copper


Welded handles

Double riveted handles


Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Heat tolerance

Between 500-650 degrees

Between 400-650 degrees

Induction efficiency

All pieces are induction-ready

All induction-ready except for HA1 collection

Demeyere Cookware Reviews

Demeyere Industry 5 Fry Pan

Unique Features

Made with a 5-layer construction boasting of great durability, this cookware provides you with a strong body that offers even heating throughout the pan. The center of the cookware features 3 layers of solid aluminum ensuring great heat conductivity making it easier to sear, fry, and sauté meals.

The flat bottom makes it a great cookware for induction cooktops, this improves conductivity and even distribution of your cookware

Cooking Performance

This 5-ply fry pan is an amazing addition to your kitchen collection mostly due to the smooth nonstick cooking surface. The Silvinox surface allows low to no fat cooking thus making it a great pan to help you prep low-carb diets. The cookware also offers great heat tolerance of up to 500 degrees making it an ideal fry pan for oven cooking or baking ribs and delicious meatloaves.


What you’re going to love about this cookware is the balance. Though the handles are a bit short, it is a well-balanced pan giving you great control. From quick flipping of pancakes to fast sauteing of your vegetables, it won’t hurt your wrist nor would it make it hard for you to move around your kitchen.

On the downside, the handle does get hot and those with larger hands will have a harder time since you may end up accidentally touching the rim of your pan. However, the handle is quite comfortable to hold adding to the ease in handling your cookware.


This Demeyere pan is much thicker than other cookware designed for electric coil stoves available in the market. However, it really offers fast heat up time, shortening your cooking time. For a stainless steel pan, this offers the best treated nonstick surface to accommodate a healthier lifestyle.

Demeyere John Pawson Saucepan

Unique Features

Demeyere offers you a formidable cookware with a 7-ply base. Designed to provide you with superior cooking especially in crafting stews, soups and sauces, this pan is your go-to cookware for simple meals meant for you and your small family.

The Demeyere saucepan only has a multiclad base, this reduces the overall weight while giving you a stunning cookware to add to your collection of kitchenware. The flat lid hugs and seals your saucepan tightly to trap the heat and speed up the cooking process.

Cooking Performance

Made for professionals, this superb cookware can handle intense cooking needs in the kitchen. The flat vertical sides make it easier for your food to cook evenly.  What’s great about this is that this cookware simplifies cooking by reducing the number of pans you need to use in your kitchen. From great deep frying, delicate sauces to oven baking, this cookware can do it all for you.

With a stronger base, this saucepan can withstand up to 600 degrees of heat making it the perfect cookware for broiling. Its anti-warp feature allows you to store it in extremely cold temperatures as well. 


Light and easy to use, this cookware is great for those with smaller hands. It is ideal for those who love trying out new recipes and testing various ways of cooking food. This allows you to be versatile around your kitchen while also reducing the amount of cookware you need to wash after cooking.

The handle has a flat top allowing you to lay your thumb and your fingers around the handle. The rounded curve improves the comfort of holding and moving your cookware around. The cookware also features great balance giving you great movement around your cookware.


You won’t need another saucepan if you have this Demeyere cookware. Made as an all-around kitchenware for gas stoves, you can use this for multiple purposes even beyond cooking. The short handle makes it a great storage unit for keeping your food and directly heating it up on your cooking range.

All Clad Cookware Reviews

All-Clad Copper Core Fry Pan

Unique Features

Sporting a futuristic design and a beautiful copper lining for gentle aesthetics, this cookware doesn’t just look beautiful, it’s also a superior pan compared to most stainless steel cookware you’ll ever own. Made with 5-layers of bonded metal showcasing a copper center, this cookware really provides you with an amazing cooking experience. 

Cooking Performance

This All-Clad copper core pan really offers quick and even heating throughout the pan. This is the most ideal pan for searing and lightly frying even when dealing with delicate foods like fish or seafood. The stainless steel exterior has a brushed polish thus improving the nonstick properties of your cooking surface. However, it still needs light oiling to prevent food from sticking, especially if you're going to use it for the first time. 

This cookware has a stunning heat tolerance reaching up to 600 degrees making it ideal for your oven, over the grill, and even on outdoor cooking.


Finger placement is essential to improve grip and comfort while cooking, this saucepan features a flat top and rounded base for better control. Its handle is pretty short, so it may be a struggle for cooks with larger hands. 


What’s greatly lovable about this cookware is its lighter weight compared to other multiclad cookware under 300. The copper and aluminum core provides a light balance to your cookware making it a great choice to own for decades of demanding kitchen use.

All-Clad D5 Saucepan

Unique Features

Sporting a simple full-metal design, this saucepan focuses on durability. It is made with layers of alternating stainless steel and aluminum to improve heat retention. It is a better factor when cooking food that requires simmering and gentle even heating. The 5-layers of metal also give you warp-free and dent-resistant cookware. It is also scratch-free kitchenware thus allowing you to use any type of utensil for cooking.

Cooking Performance

This saucepan has a notable deeper body to prevent splattering or sputtering of your sauces. The deep body creates an ideal environment for simmering your sauces. Since this cookware is fully-cladded, the heat travels all the way around the interior of the cookware making sure that your food is cooking evenly inside the pan.

The lid is made with pure stainless steel and offers a great seal to your pan. It helps in preventing moisture from seeping out of the cookware resulting in juicier and more tender food. 


The tall body and the long handle are part of its ergonomic design improving cooking stability and control. With better balance, it offers you comfort while cooking even when trying out new and complex recipes.

The pan is also induction ready making it easier to use in various types of cooktops. Its smooth bottom also reduces the need to worry about it scratching the surface of your glass or ceramic cooktop. See "Best Cookware For Glass Top Stoves" if you are looking for a cookware that's designed specifically for your glass cooktop.


This All-Clad pan is one of my favorites due to its superb heat retention which makes it ideal for those who love to make reductions, simmered sauces and stews. This saucepan’s smart design also improves its safety features making it a great cookware for amateurs. Read more about All-Clad D5 cookware in this All-Clad D3 vs D5 comparison.

The Final Verdict

Demeyere and All-Clad really take the reigns in producing amazing multi clad cookware. However, if you’re looking for cookware that offers better control and easy mastery, All-Clad is the right pick for you. If you’re in search of high-end cookware that offer the best thermal conduction, you should opt for Demeyere pots and pans. Nonetheless, both brands provide unmatched cooking efficiency and improved durability that really delivers at least a decade or two of great cooking experience.